Sunday, 12 August 2018

The Ironfang Pirate Fleet, part 40: Kaptain Mogrum - WIP Weirdnob Shaman

Da Cleavermaw was a hulking conglomeration of different wrecked and captured ships, cobbled together over many years from their victims and any old junk they could salvage. The prow and stern were completely mismatched and it rode through the air in an ungainly, awkward way. It looked like a dog, steered like a cow and smelled like a slum. Luckily it also packed a punch like a prizefighter: it was equipped with strange mechanical contractions to grapple and board an enemy and vast amounts of heavy artillery.

For years Kaptain Mogrum was completely obsessed with closely examining the captured papers, maps, charts, orders, logbooks and letters - he had standing orders for the crew to gather them from captured sky-ships. He hoarded them in his cabin and, along with his clerk, poured over them for hours in the night making details notes and trying to fit them together or to make sense of them as a whole.

Some months ago Kaptain Mogrum received a near-fatal head injury in a boarding action - a Kharadron skypike split his skull. He was not expected to recover, so it surprised everyone when he woke up and exploded the cabin wall by vomiting up a green lightning-blast of Waaagh! power. The head wound he had survived had unlocked a connection to Gorkamorka and the Waaagh! energy that was generated by the orruks around him.

Mogrum embraced his new role and his new powers when he found he could punch holes in enemy ships just as easily as he could scatter enemy crews!


  1. Excellent! I love the mask and the beard-squig. Could use a little more cleanup on the skulls on his staff, tho. That sprue point and mold line there are going to be painfully obvious through a paint job.

    1. Thanks! Most of his "look" is just an exaggerated version of the old Kaptain Mogrum.
      Ooof, you are right about those skulls. Wish I'd spotted them before I started painting!! :(

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Brian - it's from one of the easy-to-build Stormcast, with a Sylvaneth "overgrown beastman's skull" bit added.