Friday, 22 July 2016

Chase. The Lost Tablet of Phos Campaign - Game 3

Game 3
Battleplan: The Hidden Artefact from Balance of Power
The Ogors have to get the Tablet off the board. The model selected (in secret) to carry it must get within 6” of the opposite board edge while no enemies are within 3” of it.
Command Abilities
Orruks: Encircle - one or more units may be held in reserve off table and enter play 6” from one of the board edges.
Ogors: Rear Guard


Da Leeva and El Doctoro pounded across the desert sands in pursuit of the Ogor band, while the rest of the Rotmoons crew hung around the Realmgate, waiting for the signal from their Kapitán.

The stylish Kapitán paused and waved at his crew, who about-faced and charged through the magical portal!

The Orruk Privateers appeared out of a mirage-like heat shimmer and immediately fell upon the Ogor Tyrant.

The Tyrant swiftly dealt with all of the impetuous Orruks, and hardly broke a sweat!

.. and the same thing happened to Hammerhead, the Rotmoons Maneater!


The Rotmoons stopped the Ogors from getting away but were not able to recover the Tablet of Phos: A draw!

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