Friday, 15 July 2016

Sandstorm. The Lost Tablet of Phos Campaign - Game 2

Game 2
Battleplan: Cast Adrift from Quest for Ghal Maraz
The Orruks have the Tablet of Phos and need to protect it from the Ogors while a sand storm is approaching.
Orruks: His Head is Mine! (General doubles attacks vs enemy general)
Ogors: Grim Determination (Ignore wounds & Mortal Wounds on roll of 6)

The Rotmoons
Kapitán Alunzo da Leeva - Orruk Warboss
El Doctoro - Orruk Great Shaman
Dragante - Orruk Boss
15 Orruk Boyz (inc. Banner & Drummer)
Hammerhead - Ogor Maneater
Trollumbis - Fellwater Troggoth

The Ironforged
Ogor Tyrant
5 Ogor Bulls (with full command),
Master Engineer (Halfling Chef)
Helstorm Rocket Battery (Halfling Hotpot)


The horizon was darkened as a sandstorm a mile high rolled inexorably across the desert toward the ruins of Phos. Lightning crackled and flashed in the churning lead edge of the stormfront giving the whole a hideously unnatural internal light. Out of the encroaching darkness a band of Ogors hurtled across the sands, into the teeth of the waiting Rotmoons.

The Ironforged Ogors were fleeing from the storm and racing the Rotmoons to the location of the Tablet - the Orruks were going to try to slow them down.


Turn 1
One orruk privateer was killed by the Halfling Hotpot - a lucky ranging shot perhaps.
The Ogor Tyrant was befuddled by the Mystical ruins and stood pondering the ancient carvings when he should have been running!

Turn 2
Trollumbus the Troggoth vomited on and killed an Ogor Bull
The Halfling Hotpot killed 8 orruk Boyz: They seemed to have their eye-in now!

The Ogor Tyrant was still trapped in the ruins (he stumbled on loose rubble as he tried to charge da Leeva)

Turn 3
Hammerhead, the Rotmoon's Ogor Maneater, was killed by the Hotpot!

Turn 4
The Ogor Tyrant & Da Leeva fought one-on-one
The Tyrant was sorely wounded but he still took down El Kapitán
The Ogor Bulls reach safety of the ruins and were able to take shelter there as the sandstorm rolled in!

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