Monday, 25 July 2016

Finale. The Lost Tablet of Phos Campaign - Game 4

Battleplan: Spellbreakers from Balance of Power
The Ogors have the Tablet and are about to perform the ritual to activate it. The Rotmoons realise the danger of this and attempt to destroy the Tablet before the ritual is complete!

Dusty beams of sunlight slanted in through the pillars as El Doctoro explored the ruined temple. The Shaman came across a panel of hieroglyphs that were not as weather worn as the rest and paused to decipher them. He adjusted the coloured glass lenses that protected his weak eyes from the bright sunlight in Phos and his lips moved as he read…

With a mounting feeling of dread he realised he was reading the last entry in the chronicles of ancient Phos. The text described the dire fate of the writers of a powerful magical tablet and that the same destiny would await anyone who tried to harness the power bound within it.

He ran to the balcony overlooking the Palace and yelled down to Kapitán Alunzo and the rest of the Rotmoon:

“We have to destroy the Tablet of Phos! Don’t touch it, or even look at it more than you have to! Break it! Smash it to dust!”


The Rotmoons advanced on the Ironforged stronghold in the ruined Palace, where the Ogors had stashed the Tablet of Phos.

Orruks smash into Ogors!

The Ogor battleline buckles and gives a little!

The Orruks got carried away with their unprecedented good luck and pressed the Ogors hard, determined to wipe them out...

Meanwhile the Halfling Chef read from the Tablet and a gathering stormcloud overhead unleashed a wave of magical energies that smashed the Orruks, and blasted the Privateers back through the Realmgate!


If only they had attacked the building & the Tablet of Phos they might have won.

Major Victory to the Ironforged Ogors in the game and the campaign (with 3 wins and a draw!)

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