Friday, 4 May 2018

Thy Soul To Keep - part 10

The Soul Vortex

The signs are clear: A soul storm will soon hit the Harrowmark. Who will be able to channel its power? (AoS Skirmish Battleplan Vortex of Power)

The Rotmoons  - 59 Renown
The Gilded Hand - 58 Renown (by only 57 Renown worth deployed)

~ 🕱 ~

On the edge of Wortbad, where the forests started to encroach on the village, a swirling column of howling soul-energy ripped through the flotsam and jetsam from a hundred lost sky-ships. Shipwreck timbers, rigging, a battered wooden skycutter, and anchor and even a shattered cannon were swept up in its maelstrom and spun around the spiralling storm of Death-magic. Leering ghostly skulls coalesced and dissolved in the green vortex as it twisted and writhed. It slowly, almost imperceptibly, drifted through the forests toward the village.

~ 🕱 ~

~ 🕱 ~

Bortagno jumped to his feet and started shouting: he roused the sleeping Rotmoons with curses and threats. The orruk privateers rubbed their aching heads and grumbled and moaned but they still tumbled out of their hammocks and gathered their weapons.

When they assembled around Bortagno to find out what was amiss they found Kapitán da Leeva was with him. The Kapitán looked like he was in a black mood and their grumbling fell silent.

Rockeye Fuerte - a very deaf Ogor Leadbelcher Thunderfist carrying a ship's cannon under one arm - pushed his way through their ranks.

In the silence they could hear a distant crashing of timbers and a low unnatural howl. Both sounds were getting louder and closer. Awkwardo opened his mouth to ask "What's dat?" but he closed it again before the words escaped, as the Soul Vortex flowed through the trees in a whirlwind of debris.

~ 🕱 ~

From further down the tree-line another warband appeared and Bortagno started shouting again. He barked out orders to the crew to form up by watches. He ran toward the Vortex and the starboard watch followed him. The port watch gathered with Rockeye around the Kapitán.

Bortagno bellowed at his Ladz to charge but just stood and watched them go - he was rooted to the spot! Skeletal hands clawed out of the dirt and held his legs firm!

After a deafening blast from Rockeye's cannon, Kapitán da Leeva and his followers charged through the cloud of black powder smoke and crashed into a group of Freeguild - the Kapitán tore through them! His flashing kutlass struck at necks and knees and elbows. The experienced freebooter knew just where to strike to disable his foes!

The Freeguild troopers and orruk pirates crashed into each other.

Freeguild crossbowmen fell and the swordsmen lept into the gaps in the line.

A crackle of lightning erupted from Kalyustar's fingertips and speared through da Leeva.

Two pistoleers galloped from the flank and opened fire on the orruks.

After a point-blank shot from a crossbow dinged off his armour the Kapitán retreated! But he had a plan...

Awkwardo fell to the hooves of one pistoleer while the other charged Bortagno.

Kapitán da Leeva used the Black Void Portent to spring The Jaws of the Trap. After his retreat from the fight with the Freeguild he charged Kalyustar! The Soulchemist had little hope of defending himself and only barely managed to survive the onslaught, but as usual he had a trick up his sleeve - Kalyustar had found a Token of Time! As the wizard fled he smashed the tiny hourglass and some of his wounds healed! He was not returned to his full strength but it was enough to save his life for now.

The tide of battle started to turn against the orruk privateers.

Skeletal hands burst from the ground once more and clutched at Rockeye, they couldn't stop the brute but they slowed his stride.

Bortagno was shot down by the combined volley of both pistoleers' guns.

Kalyustar ran through the whirling debris and soul-energy to hide among the mausoleums. In a fit of rage da Leeva struck down a hapless crossbowman who was aiming at a fleeing orruk.

When the pistoleers chased down the other orruks the last four pirate crew turned and fled.

~ 🕱 ~

The Rotmoons failed to stop Kalyustar gathering power from Soul Vortex. Yet, the disruption was enough to force Kalyustar into hiding. The Gilded Hand earned a minor victory but the story is far from over....

~ 🕱 ~

Godfather Viktor's version of this adventure is here.


  1. Sure, Bortagno, skeletal hands. Coming out of the dirt and tripping you up. Sure, that's why you didn't go along with the charge. Really, I believe you ;)

    1. Ha! That's exactly what I was thinking! Are we sure there isn't a bit of gobbo blood in Bortagno...

      Another great game, gotta watch for those crafty wizards.

    2. Ah busted! Bortagno thought his excuse was sooooo clever... 😆

  2. Freeguild on round bases are always a treat to look at.

    1. Aren't they just! Viktor has done a great job on them too :D