Thursday, 17 May 2018

Sky-Pirates of The Harrowmark: The Selachii - part 2

Captain Bodrin Bok of Harrowmark skyvessel The Selachii leaned on the gunwales and looked down on the forests. The wind ruffled his already wild hair and long forked beard and he grunted with annoyance. They had been contracted to bring a load of cargo from Leechminster to Wortbad and they were already a week late. Now they found the village was occupied by orruk pirates. There were even a couple of greenskins on the dock itself - there was no chance they were going to land there.

He turned to the nearest crewman, that happened to be his nephew Anthor, and told him as much.

"Get ready to dump the Wortbad cargo overboard. We ain't picking anything up this run. We can come back over on the return leg if the winds are in our favour." he said. Anthor looked worried but didn't argue with his uncle. He knew better than that after the year he'd had aboard the Selachii.

As Anthor was about to head aft Bodrin said "Tell Darvon to come forward will you?" the boy nodded.

Anthor found Marcyn, Rohar and Josian and told them what was happening and together they started loosening the cargo nets. As they were about to pass over the skydock for a second time and let the cargo nets fall open, Darvon cam on deck. Anthor waved the Warrior Priest over.

"The Captain wants a word with you and I don't think you'll like it. But please do fight with him!" the boy pleaded. Darvon scowled but said he would do his best.

Brother Darvon walked forward along the deck, clinging to the rigging as he was still unsure of how safe the sky ship actually was, even after the long voyage, just as he approached the captain the crew let go the nets and barrels, sacks and crates tumbed out onto the deck of the skydock. Most of it bounced and rolled straight off again, carried by the momentum of the ship.

Darvon stopped and stared in horror as the cargo crashed to the ground 20 or 30 feet below.

"Ah, good Brother. I'm afraid we won't be setting you down today...."

~ 🕱 ~

The Selachii are skyship merchants and pirates from The Harrowmark in Shyish, the Realm of Death. They are Freeguilders with wild hairstyles, fur-collared clothes and lots of skulls and other macabre trophies hung from their gear.

This warband is also intended as a small group of NPCs for The Harrowmark (alongside the Graveroot Wargrove and the Court of Spades). They may end up as a unit in the Ironfang Fleet, or occasionally oppose them.

~ 🕱 ~

The Selachii explore the forests with a few old friends.

Bodrin Bok, the captain of the Selachii

The inspiration for his scroll:

Darvon, Warrior Priest

Rohar, musician

Marcyn, crewman

Kase, Champion with greatsword

Anthor, crewman

Josian, crewman


  1. You forgot about the Gate Wardens (can't recall the exact name). We need to work out a way to actually include all of them in future campaigns 😉

    1. Yes, I'm not sure how we can do it though - maybe we could come up with a Warhammer Quest style reaction table for each NPC group?

    2. That would work perfectly! We roll for initiative as in Triumph and Treachery, counting the NPC as another player (so we don't know when they go). Whenever they have their turn, they roll on their reaction table. We also need some incentives for players to interact with the NPC rather than simply try to avoid them...extra victory, renown or prophecy points for killing them, perhaps?

    3. Maybe another table for the incentives? The table could include a brief narrative justification for each one. Some results could even give a benefit to one player for not killing them, or even protecting them?

      We could roll once at the start of the game to find out what they are up to today.

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    1. Thanks Riot! They only took 10 months to paint!! :-O

  3. Just catching up on the last few posts. These guys look great! And it seems like the other warbands haven't learned much about cooperation since the Olshovilaag. No time for friends when there's so much loot up for grabs!

    1. Cooperation happens, but only for brief periods as someone inevitably gets stabbed in the back. ;-)