Thursday, 10 May 2018

Day and night in The Harrowmark

The “sun” in the Mortal Realms is Hysh, and Ulgu obscures it to make night (see the video below).

The Realms of Light and Shadow are not directly above the part of Shyish where the Harrowmark is, they are on almost the same horizontal plane, so the "sun" always appears low in the sky. So Hysh is always filtered through a lot of dusty air and appears to be like what we see at sunset.

Each morning Hysh and Ulgu rotate around each-other so Hysh is in front and the land is bathed in horizontal orange-red light for a while. In the evening Hysh is slowly eclipsed and less and less light will fall on the Harrowmark until night falls.

So in the Harrowmark it will only ever be night or evening, and never full daylight.

I imagine the movements of the Mortal Realms relative to each other to be unfathomably complex, so that it would take generations of study to begin to be able to plot them. If it's even possible at all.


  1. Ooh, that is a cool bit of world-building! I was thinking it would suck for the farmers, but I guess the vegetation in the region would be adapted to those light levels.

    1. Farmers have it rough in the Realm of Death, that's for sure. For one thing the soil is about 30% bones...
      Thanks mate ;-)

    2. That last one isn't actually much of a problem. Bone meal is actually a pretty classic fertilizer.

    3. All those skulls are a bugger to plough though ;-)