Friday, 2 March 2018

Skarkrow's Ironjawz Ardboys - part 2

I played my first game of Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire this week. It was a fun game and it spurred me to get back to painting the Orruks for it I bought last year when they were first released! I did some head-swaps when I built them, as I have issues with building models "straight out of the box"! They have been sat half-finished on my hobby desk for a few months. Two of them were very nearly finished so I concentrated on them last night.

Gurzag Ironskull:


The first two Shadespire Ardboyz together:

I have also been working on some addition Ironjawz Ardboyz, to boost Ironskull's Boyz to the size of an AoS Skirmish warband: Skarkrow's Ironjawz Arboys.

They are made from a mix of old Ardboyz, Blood Bowl Orcs and the Shadespire Ardboyz. All the models are converted in some way - I've added baggage, cloaks, knives and trophies. I've also done weapons-swaps (from Brutes and Ogors) and head-swaps from other kits (Boar Boyz, Ironjawz Brutes and Orks). I detailed their bases with cracked and chipped flagstones, skulls and scrubby plants and gnarled roots to make them look more like the Shadespire orruks' bases. The first one painted is...



  1. Great paint jobs and good choice with Shadespire I really enjoy that game.

    I almost feel sorry for the poor Orruk who ended up with a Giant's loin cloth as a cape ;0) !!!!!

    1. Thnaks Riot! Yeah, the orruks are definitely fun to play. I've used that bit as a cloak before and it never once occurred to me that it was a second-hand garment... blurgh!!

  2. Nice! Always happy to see ShadeSpire getting more fans. Such a great game.

  3. Shadespire's a great little game, and you've done a lovely job on these guys. The Shadespire warbands make great starting forces for Skirmish too.