Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Thy Soul To Keep - part 6

The Fragile Cargo

Kapitán da Leeva and a few hands raced over the trees in the yellow cutter. The sail was drum-taught in the winds (both meteorological and thaumaturgical) and the cutter’s speed was exhilarating for all aboard her. They all tried their best to avoid looking at huge spherical Black Void that hung menacingly in the sky above them. The Kapitán sat in the bows with his eyes fixed on a distant landmark: a tower of black rock, some thirty or forty feet higher than the surrounding forest canopy. The crew worked together with only a few words exchanged. Dragante, hand sure on the tiller, only needed to give the slightest of instructions for the crew to know exactly what was needed: a tightened halliard here, or a shift in the yardarm there. The six of them had run up and down this stretch of the Harrowmark for weeks; from Wortbad to Blackrocks and back. Ever since the Rotmoon shipwrecked in the forest.

~ 🕱 ~

While Bolet was making his grand entrance to an empty inn, the Rotmoons had been elsewhere. The sorcerer Juan Dee had told them they needed the protective Lantern of Souls, a device made of brass and skulls and wreathed in ethereal green fire. It was kept in a tomb in Black Rocks and they had to bring it back to the Rose & Scythe inn by last light on the 21st of Sorows. The orruk corsairs had procured it fairly easily but their return journey was interrupted by the crew of The Raidho Othala, who were waiting for them at the edge of the village.

~ 🕱 ~

Skirmish Battleplan: Fragile Cargo
The Rotmoons - 43 Renown
The crew of The Raidho Othala - 48 Renown

~ 🕱 ~

The orruk corsairs left the yellow cutter at the sky-dock and set off on foot toward the Rose & Scythe.

They hurried but the Lantern of Souls was awkward to carry and Kapitán da Leeva struggled to keep up with the crew.

Lord Ordinator Ironfundson was waiting for them! Having foreseen their mission, but not their intentions, he was certain they were up to no good and determined to stop them.

The Raidho Othalas were right behind him and cheered as the Lord Ordinator started raining comets on the orruks!

Awkwardo set off toward Ironfundson on his own, impetuously and unwisely. The Kapitán considered calling him back but sighed and left the big orruk to try his "plan". Unfortunately he didn't get far as the Invisible Geists in the graveyard dragged him into their underworld.

More starfall rained down on Kapitán da Leeva's head! But the orruk corsair's collection of battered talismans and charms somehow protected him.

Kapitán da Leeva brought down a Doom and Darkness and only a couple of the Kharadron could see a target to shoot at. Unfortunately Geedo Forks fell to a staccato volley from the nearest of them, but only after he and Pez charged and killed the kharadron they called "The Fisherman", the one armed with a much-feared Skyhook.

Ironfundson got frustrated by the orruk Kapitán's resilience and charged him, hammers swinging.

The Lord Ordinator took down the Kapitán but the Rotmoons around him avenged their leader swiftly, and picked up the Lantern to try to complete his mission. It got too much for Don Snotto though, and the cowardly grot fled.

The Kharadrons drew closer, blasting the orruks with pistol shot and charging with cutlass. A couple of greenskinz fell but an Arkanaut did too, and that was enough to make one of his crew-mates run for it!

So at the very end only two fighters remained on each side, the Kharadron Navigator felled Bold Rik then an Invisible Geist from the ruined barn grabbed Percy Percy!

~ 🕱 ~

The Rotmoons nursed their wounds as they trudged back to the inn in darkness, and without the Lantern of Souls. The rain started as they got to the front door and came down so heavily that they were soaked through in seconds. They were all already in a black mood before that and the freezing rain did nothing to improve matters. They pushed open the door to find Bolet Ghosteater sitting in front of the fire, warming his gnarled toes.

The Fungoid Cave-Shaman was half tempted to jump onto his chair to make himself silhouetted against the flames and shout at the orruks and startle them, but he saw their faces and instantly thought better of it.

He slumped into the chair defeated. He hated Wortbad already.


  1. Good stuff, as always.

    Looking forward to seeing what happens now that the big heroes are joining the fight. Are the Lord Ordinator and Fungoid Shaman counted into the points for the warbands, or are they bonus characters?

    1. Thanks Ross!
      We are paying for the Harbingers from our normal Renown totals.

      We have added a house rule to AoS Skirmish for this campaign that we don't have to keep the same list and add to it. We can field anything up to the total Renown we have accrued so far. We are saying that any artifacts eared during the after-battle phase can only be given to models that took part in the game.

      For example:my warband gained "Bane of the Dead" in the last game. But I can't give that to my Warboss in this game, it can only be used by the Fungoid Cave-Shaman as he was the general in the that earned it.

    2. Cool, that's a neat little modification. I'm currently scribbling down notes for our own little campaign so that's a handy one to keep in mind.

    3. It keeps the campaign a bit more varied - we have 4 players in this one which helps, but it's fun to use a slightly different (or very!) list every game!