Monday, 27 March 2017

Tor Megiddo - part 1

Can you hear the engines starting?
Can you feel the boiling blood?
Can you see the storm approaching?
War in the sun.

The land shakes beneath the fury of the storm.
The sand is drenched in blood and oil.
Most holy Promethium, it fills our veins with wrath.
Ride forth warlord! Blessed by the Cog and the Bolt!
Wage war in the sun!

I'm excited to be able to say that I’ve been invited to the Tor Megiddo event hosted by Alexander and Wilhelminiatures!

To say that I am honored and somewhat overwhelmed to have been included in such an illustrious line-up is a massive understatement! The other people on the list are some of my hobby heroes - people whose work I have followed, enjoyed and tried to emulate, for years.

The desert setting in the background outline provided by Alexander in the invitation instantly set cogs whirring in my mind - and the Carl Critchlow illustrations of Logan's World in WH40K Rogue Trader came back to me very clearly:

I had been planning to make a small mutant warband as NPCs for Mancunius Dome games this year anyway, but now they will be desert-dwellers instead of Underhivers (though they may end up doubling as Underhivers later!)

The Slipgibbets

First up is "Flood". A mutant Ganger with double-barrel shotgun and a “hidden” tentacle (made from a Genestealer Neophyte with a Wolf Scout mohawk spliced onto the top of his head, a Marauder cloak, a Skaven tail as a tentacle and a bit of greenstuff work).


  1. Looks to be good fun man, I have been watching various folks create models for the event. I had it in my mind you were stateside not UK? Or is everyone USA? Haha. :D

    1. Thanks Sebastian!
      Yep, I'm in the UK - the Tor Megiddo game will be in Helsinki.
      I'm pretty sure everyone involved is European ;)