Friday, 31 March 2017

The Guardian's Network - part 4 "Infiltrate the Camp"

At Inquisitor Lenk's request, the Sumptreaders tried to stop Inquisitor Quintus Severus and his followers from breaking through their lines.

The Sumptreaders split into three groups:

Lansen and Fishgutter waited by the broken pipe.

While Munzo scouted ahead alone...

...and found he was facing a Pyro Wyrd!

Cole the Heavy started climbing the tallest tower he could find while Webber, Hopper and Waldo prepared themselves to rush the Combat Servitor.

Rockwell (the moonfaced Bounty Hunter) was gunned down by Quintus and Munzo was barbequed by the Wyrd!

Webber was shot as he charged. Hopper and Waldo assaulted...

It didn't go well...

Cole opened fire from the tower, blasting torrents of Heavy Bolter shells into Quintus's retinue, taking out Rogue Trader Balthasar Tirpitz, and Hive Ganger Dexter.

Quintus Severus  got the drop on Lansen and Fishgutter.

The Inquisitor took down Fishgutter and squared up to Lansen.


The rest Inquisitor Quintus's retinue had rapidly broken through the Sumptreaders' lines and were closing in on Inquisitor Lenk's temporary camp!

Victory points:

Viktor: First Blood (1), Break the Enemy (1), 3 Escaped Fighters (3)

Me: 3 Enemy Fighters killed (1)