Friday, 3 March 2017

The Realmgate Wardens, part 1

The Realmgate Wardens patrol the newly recaptured areas of Shyish, checking the Realmgates for corruption and scouting for signs of Chaos incursions. They are investigators and observers, not frontline combat troops and it isn't their job to fight off anything they find, but to escape (fighting their way out if needed) and report the problems so they can be dealt with properly.

~ ~ ~

Elatine Jast, Witch Hunter and leader of the Realmgate Wardens of Wortbad, in Shyish.

(Since taking these photos I have used a little greenstuff to hide the Inquisitor symbol on her cloak and smooth out her chest plate.)

Anderton Fenn - Freeguild General

The Wardens

One of the Wardens ins not all he seems to be... He tries to keep his corruption hidden but the tentacle seems to have a mind of it's own...

Bits list!

Elatine Jast is based on Inquisitor Greyfax, with a Wildwood Ranger head, a Flagellant's comet symbol (where her grenades used to be), a Grey Knight purity seal (where her Inquisitor symbol used to be), a Grey Knight pouch (where her power armour backpack would be), Greatsword officer pointy hand.

The Wardens are Freeguild Greatswords' torsos and legs with Wildwood Ranger heads, Skitarii arms and guns, Dwarf Thunderer's ammo pouches. (The last guy also has a Burning Chariot of Tzeentch off-cut for his tentacle).

Anderton Fenn is a Freeguild Greatsword's torso and legs, Dark Angel head, a Grey Knight purity seal, Freeguild General's left arm with pistol, Freeguild Soldier's right arm with sword.

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  1. Quality work as always man - really like the understated finish of the kitbashing. I always aim for that "Looks like a boxed set" finish and really appreciate when others achieve that look too :)