Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The Dark Age of Sigmar - The Court of Spades, Part 3

The Court of Spades

The Mordants of Hunger Woods are wretched creatures that dwell in the vast dark and twisted forests that surround Wortbad in the Harrowmark. The Kyng of Spades and his court are just as twisted as their home. In their madness they see themselves as a dynasty of “The Blood Royale” - a warrior-king and his retinue. They see the dark forest as their castle and it’s surrounding lands. The mad king of a hidden court; Mudshroud, The Kyng of Spades is an Abhorrant Ghoul King who sees the dark and twisted forest as his mighty castle and it's surrounding lands. His rotted retinue seen through his eyes are a band of mighty heroes and fair maidens, wise and just and pure of heart. The truth is dark and unpleasant: Mordgrave, The Quene of Spades is a Crypt Ghast Courtier in the tattered remains of a blue dress. Mossblade, The Knight of Spades is a Crypt Haunter Courtier with an animal skull in place of a horned a helmet. Moldforth, The Joker of Spades, a capering Crypt Ghoul fool in motley.

Mudshroud, The Kyng of Spades - Abhorrant Ghoul King

Bits list:

Clampack Slaughterpriest (free with White Dwarf last year), skull trophies on belt from Ork Nobz, greenstuff ragged robe. Head from Beastmen Ungors, right hand from Orruk Brutes, crown made from two chopped-up Plaguebearer heads.
40mm round base topped with foliage from the Citadel Woods kit, skulls, sand, leaf litter and dead-grass flock.