Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Guardian's Network - part 5 "Head Hunt"

Inquisitor Lenk was prepared for Inquisitor Quintus and his retinue by the time they arrived at Lenk's encampment. The Sumptreaders had slowed them down and they brought enough warning for Lenk's band to prepare a welcoming party.

On the right flank the Hive Gangers were all grouped together, ready to make a rush at the Astropath and Rogue Trader along the raised walkways with a storm of massed Bolt Pistol fire but the off-worlders realised the danger and fell back to their leader's position.

On the left flank Lenk, Father Korpax and Servitor Drone Mordrux prepared to face Quintus and his Combat Servitor.

Father Korpax opened fire on the Combat Servitor with his Plasma Gun, but it was not well maintained: it immediately overheated and took the Priest out in a ball of blue fire.

Servitor Drone Mordrux locked up and drifted silently for a minute or two.

Lenk rushed through the cover provided by Silo 45.

The Sumptreaders rushed across the open area in the dead ground inside the pumping station.

The Sumptreaders were in position to attack...

...When a flurry of gunfire from the off-worlders took down Rockwell and Fishgutter.

Mordrux suddenly came to life and blasted Qunitus with his Plasma Gun! The remaining off-worlders fell back into the darkness.


After the time-out at three turns the VP scores were 4 to me (First Blood and killing the enemy leader) and 2 to Viktor (1 each for Specialists killed).


  1. Brutal fire fight indeed, enjoyed the write up! The epilogue reads like Shadow War, aologies if I missed the mention - but have you switched to that system going ahead?

    1. Thanks Sebastian! We haven't switched to Shadow War yet but I'm sure we will very soon.