Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Rotmoons and the Lost Tablet of Phos Campaign

Kapitan Alunzo da Leeva and The Rotmoons

Swashbuckling Orruk privateers, dashing adventurers, daring treasure hunters, stylish seafarers and bold explorers… from their point of view.

The Rotmoons may call themselves Privateers, and act more like Pirates, but they spend more of their time acting like explorers than either. They search the ruins of the Realms for treasures and artefacts from the Age of Myth. Their Shaman, El Doctoro, considers himself an expert on that long-forgotten era and often pronounces, with great complacency and authority, what a found treasure was or its magical powers. He is occasionally correct but only occasionally.

Kapitán Alunzo da Leeva - Orruk Warboss
A dashing and heroic Orc Pirate; young, capable and unusually quick witted. He started his career on the Almagorka Coast and both he and his crew have acquired many strange local habits and mannerisms. He wears looted black clothes and black & gold enamelled armour, with a “white” ruff collar, a pair of heavy pistols, and a long coat draped over his shoulders as a cloak. He is popular with his crew as he has got them out of many scrapes over the years but unpopular with the other captains of the Ironfang Fleet who see him as an “upstart young pup”. He is unfortunately prone to shipwreck much more often than his actual skill as a commander should be.

El Doctoro - Orruk Great Shaman
Surgeon, explorer, secret agent, collector, scientist: El Doctoro is none of these but he occasionally drops hints that there is more to him than just “the shaman”. He wants the crew of the Rotmoon to think he is mysterious and complex.

Dragante - Orruk Boss
A hulking brute of an orruk who makes sure the Boyz do exactly what they are told and bashes heads together when the crews’ arguments (inevitably) turn into fights.

Hammerhead (AKA Tiburón Martillo) - Ogor Maneater
Dressed  in the Rotmoons style Hammerhead wears a black cloak and breaches, an off-white ruff, a battered morion helmet engraved with an octopus design and silvered armour. He carries a handgun that he uses as a pistol and he likes to twirl his huge cutlass in great swishing arcs.

Trollumbus - Fellwater Troggoth
Loaded with nautical detritus but not burdened with intelligence.

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