Thursday, 23 June 2016

Digging. The Lost Tablet of Phos Campaign - Game 1

Battleplan: Clash of Empires

Objective: Hold the Centre (1 Laurel of Victory each Battle Round for side with largest unit within 3" of central scenery, 3 Laurels if General is within 3").

The Rotmoons
Kapitán Alunzo da Leeva - Orruk Warboss
El Doctoro - Orruk Great Shaman
Dragante - Orruk Boss
15 Orruk Boyz (inc. Banner & Drummer)
Hammerhead - Ogor Maneater
6 Grot Nasty Skulkers

The Ironforged
Ogor Tyrant
4 Ogor Bulls (with full command),
Master Engineer (Halfling Chef)


El Doctoro turned the dirt-covered metallic item over in his hands and squinted at it. He brushed some more of the dust off it and said “Hmmmmm”.

The other Rotmoons gathered around him had presented a small pile of found objects from their last expedition for his assessment. Most had been discarded as junk but three had made the cut for closer examination. The three members of the crew that found those particular objects tried to hide smug grins.

“Dis one may be one the eight fragments of the Agony Portal… or it might be a bit of one of them duardin flying machines. Hard to tell, I’ll have to look it up.”

“Such a perfect day for a fight.” said Alunzo da Leeva as he looked at the flawlessly clear blue sky, high above the weather-worn ruins of Phos. “I do hope we have one.”

“Oh, I think there is a good chance, my dear Kapitán.” said El Doctoro “Look here…” the Shaman pointed down the long, ruined street with his skull-topped ebony staff: a small group of large Ogors approached.


Turn 1

Both forces ran towards the central obelisk. The Tyrant led the way and the Ogres got there first but the Orruks swamped them. The Orruk Privateers injured the Tyrant but he cut down a half-dozen of them in retaliation. The Halfling Master Chef fired on the orruks from the heights of the ruins but the shots ricocheted off Da Leeva’s armour.

Laurels: 1 to Rotmoons, 3 to Ironforged.

Turn 2

The Tyrant and the Ogors curb-stomped the Rotmoon Boyz then turned on Kapitán Da Leeva. When he went down the Ogor, Grots and El Doctoro the Shaman conceded the battlefield to the Ironforged.

Laurels: 1 to Rotmoons, 7 to Ironforged

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