Monday, 13 June 2016

The Ironfang Pirate Fleet, part 24: The Rotmoons

More Rotmoons re-based! This time it's Grots.

El Zid and Megellun

Pulmi and Finga

Don Snotto and Breakaknee

The Rotmoons may call themselves Privateers, and act more like Pirates, but they spend more of their time acting like explorers than either! They search the ruins of the Realms for treasures and artefacts from the Age of Myth. Their Shaman, El Doctoro, considers himself an expert on that long-forgotten era and often pronounces, with great complacency and authority, what a found treasure was or its magical powers. He is occasionally correct but only occasionally. These grots spend the majority of their time running round after El Doctoro, fetching and carrying his collections.

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