Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Hidden Library of Tzeentch - part 3

Very messy WIP! Lots of work still to do...

Undercoated black, grey (spray) zenithal highlight.

Skin basecoated with Emperor's Children, washed with Carroburg Crimson. mid-tones with Emperor's Children again, then highlights with Emperor's Children / White Scar mix. lots of cleaning up to do!

Blue: Mordian Blue (old Citadel Foundation colour), mid-tone Lightning Blue (even older Citadel Colour), washed with Asurmen Blue (old Citadel Wash), Lightning Blue again then highlighted with Lightning Blue / Ghostly Grey (another older Citadel Colour) mix. I may do another highlight of facial features and runes, then a bit of a clean up.

Hands / feet / neck washed with several layers of  Leviathan Purple Wash thinned with Lahmian Medium. I think it needs a few more layers, especially towards the extremities!

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