Monday, 16 November 2015

Zombies from the Harrowmark shamble into town

First 5 zombies are done (these were quick as they were just a re-base):

The next batch of 7 have been painted and varnished and just need the sand on their bases painted to be completed. Photos of them soon.

Update 18th November:

7 more zombies completed:

Here is the full zombie-paint recipe:
  • Prep:
    - Mournfang Brown spray basecoat over black undercoat.
  • Base coats:
    - Flesh: Rotting Flesh, Clothes: some randomly coloured with earthy tones, most left Mournfang Brown.
    - Weapons and other metals: Tin Bitz base with Ironbreaker layer.
    - Gore: Khorne Red.
  • Shade:
    - Washed all over with Agrax Earthshade, rotten bits washed with Athonian Camoshade, wounds and gore washed with Carroburg Crimson.
  • Detail:
    - Eyes white with Nuln Oil washed around them.
  • Highlights:
    - Flesh: drybrushed Rotting Flesh.
    - Clothes: highlighted with base colour.
    - Weapons and other metals: drybrushed / stippled Ryza Rust.
    - Gore: highlighted with Evil Sunz Scarlet.
Update 24th November:

18 done, 12 to go!

Update 26th November:

24 done, 6 to go!