Friday, 20 November 2015

The Nachtjägers - Orc Witch Hunters

Hailing from the dark forests of The Harrowmark in Shyish, the Realm of Death, and working mostly at night, this small band of eccentric Orcs have dedicated their lives to eradicating the agents of the dark powers.

The Nachtjägers are drawn to abandoned graveyards, dark forest clearings, deserted villages and ruined castles to stalk their prey. They follow up any reports of supernatural activity and mercilessly exterminate any unnatural creatures they discover. They make a habit of breaking into crypts and mausoleums to root-out the foul beasts that inevitably lurk there.

“Professor” Fängmorder and his warband are unusual for Orcs being of dour and sombre demeanour. They take their chosen path very seriously and never seem to laugh or joke or even take much pleasure in what they do. Like all Orcs they are deeply superstitious but they do not fear the signs of bad luck they see in everyday life, but search for them and use them as guides to lead them to their preferred enemy.

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