Tuesday, 17 November 2015

City of Thorns - part 7 - Bridges Burning

Dregtoof looked around the silent valley. He had been sure that Dogear and the Underhogz Arrer Boyz knew that this Realmgate was the agreed meeting point. The Shaman’s dreams had been clear that this was where the pirate Duardin were going to try to sneak into the Carrionthorn Forest. The Orc Warboss couldn’t understand why they still hadn’t turned up and his irritation levels increased steadily as the minutes passed. The Shaman was the one who said this Realmgate needed to be broken and his magic was the best weapon to smash the ancient stones.

When the Duardin started coming through the gate he was left with no choice - he had to attack now and try to break the gate the old fashioned way: with brute force.

The Lurkerz made an absolute hash of their attack against the Warrior Priest, who was promptly reinforced by the Pirate Captain and Ogor. The Duardin Slayers attacked Clubfoot and Dregtoof and even though Dregtoof callously used Clubfoot as a shield the tide of hairy rage swept both of them away.

The Lurkerz tried to push past the pirates to get to the Realmgate, a few succeeded but none of them managed to even chip the stonework.

In no time at all there weren’t any orcs left in the valley. Even if Dogear had arrived then he would not have hung around with so many pirates in the area, and more coming through the gate.

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