Friday, 14 January 2022

Age of Unification - part 2

Gene-enhanced Cohort 75-Phi, nicknamed The Flying Hogfish - a unit raised by the techno-barbarian warlords of Ursh, here in the deserts of the north-western border, on the edge of the Terrawatt Clans territory, with their itinerant psionic witch.

Tragek Hierigos, leader with an adrathic pistol and axe

Atrak Hexcowl, a perfectly safe Psionic Witch. Not dangerous at all...







I plan to use the Seraphon Battletome to represent the gene-enhanced techno-barbarians soldiers (Saurus Warriors and Temple Guard), "normal" humans (Skinks with Bolt-spitters), Psionic Witches (Skink Starpriests), battle automata (Kroxigors) and a selection of crude salvaged vehicles and war machines (Seraphon dinosaurs!). 

I'm going to give all the models for this double-duty; as they will fit in with my Tor Megiddo warbands style so they can feature in our ongoing campaigns set there, and all the models I've made for Tor Megiddo can potentially see action in the Unification Wars too. I'll get some group shots of units and support vehicles soon.


  1. Lovely models as per usual. Properly Gritty with a capital "G". The Seraphon = Techno Barbarians was a nice twist to whet the appetite for a variety of models to follow with the Tor Meggiddo crossover meaning lots of glorious battle reports to follow.

    1. Thanks very much Pagumb! A lot of my TM projects can be fairly easily represented by Seraphon warscrolls, so it should be a lot of fun: The Bastiladon with a Solar Engine is the one that springs to mind for the big walkers!

    2. Are you going to use knight legs or do you have other walker/vehicle models in mind? Stay tuned, right? :)

    3. I have already completed the vehicles: A Knight Armiger, an Onager Dunecrawler and a very heavily converted Ork Trukk. They are all on Tor Megiddo posts from a few years ago but I'm going to take more photos for the Unification Wars prject soon.

    4. Excellent. I'll go have a look.

  2. These are full of character, great work Saul.
    I'm happy to hear that these will be pulling double duty for Tor-Megiddo as's about time that damnable Red Wind eased up ;-)

    1. Thanks Castigator!
      I totally agree. The "weather" lately has been terrible, but things should improve soon.