Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Soulblight Vampires - part 5

Four more Wardens of the Cold Flame are taking shape. I don't have a lot of spare parts currently as all my bits boxes are in a storage unit (we were about to move house before the lockdown!) but a friend sent an jiffy bag of assorted things in the post and I have done what I can with them and the models from the handful of Mortal Realms magazines I have been able to find.

Vollak, The Traitor Knight.
(Wurmspat; Ghulgoch the Butcher with Fecula Flyblown's head, Stormcast/greenstuff robes)

Klosolka, The Witch Knight.
(Wurmspat; Fecula Flyblown with Ghulgoch the Butcher's head, added armour and Blightking weapon and greenstuff hood. Crow from a Nighthaunt Glaivewraith base)

Haryom, The Shunned Knight.
(Wurmspat; Sepsimus the Plaguesworn with Nighthaunt/greenstuff robes, Blightking/Bonerattle shield)

Yurkenor, The Outcast Knight.
(A Necromunda Goliath with Nighthaunt/greenstuff robes and Blightking weapon)

All 4 are on my painting table and should be finished soon-ish.