Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Dark Skies Over The Harrowmark - part 6 Gallowmire

Gallowmire is a ruined city in a deep valley seven leagues rimward from Wortbad, that probably dates back to the Age of Myth. The citizens of Gallowmire were once wealthy and traded goods with other cities in Shyish; Stonewarden, Overmere and Shadespire. The treasures from those days long-gone have mostly been looted and stolen, but a few may remain, hidden in the undergrowth or in forgotten cellars.

Gallowmire was abandoned long ago, it was overgrown and almost lost to the malignant forests of the Harrowmark. Recently it was rediscovered by sky-pirates and used as a hideout between cruises. But something ancient has been disturbed there...

~ ~ ~

I have finished the first of my Warcry Ruins, I want them to look overgrown and tangled with trees so they fit in with the overgrown forest look of the Harrowmark. I will mix them up with Citadel Woods and my forest shipwreck on the Warcry board I plan to make from an A1 cork notice board.

~ ~ ~

I also started work on my second Warcry ruin, with the stairs added to its base.

Update: photos of the completed second ruin added.