Monday, 30 March 2020

Soulblight Vampires - part 4, Morddrak

Morddrak, the Thrall Knight.

Though he is a ruthless killer, hungry for the souls of his victims, Morddak somehow sees himself as honourable. Like most vampires he is arrogant and has an acute sense of his own superiority, but he has no refined manners or airs and graces. He is blunt and brutal and dismissive but he likes to tell himself he only "fights fair". His opponents may feel differently...

When I made my Soulblight Vampire from Mephiston and the zombie dragon riding Vampire Lord, I wasn't planning on making a full warband, it was just a "background" project, for fun. Now I have had the idea of using Stormcast Warrior Chamber rules in Warcry the ideas for his followers are coming thick and fast!

I have started work on the next Thrall Knights, using Wurmspat and Goliath models as the base, then adding Nighthaunt cloaks and other parts. I will do more greenstuff work to blend in their capes before I start painting.