Thursday, 14 December 2017

The New Drekport Irregulars - part 2

This warband is featured on the Iron Sleet blog today!

New Drekport is a Rogue Trader outpost world that was established on the far edge of the Imperium.

The Irregulars made up of the survivors and left-overs of a dozen or more Astra Militarum regiments, that were merged into a single understrength regiment after the Ghoul Stars campaigns and the Malfactus evacuations. They are a ragtag bunch who traditionally favour somewhat outlandish and impractical masks, though no-one remembers why. The reasons seem to have been forgotten over the years and no one can even remember which regiment the tradition came from.

They often carry personalised gear because they are too far from Imperial supply lines most of the time, so they scavenge gear from fallen enemies (and friends), buy on the black market and occasionally get additional special-issue equipment provided by the Rogue Traders, Inquisitors and other Imperial Agents that have commandeered them.

Sergeant Bech, Jag, Marl, Fylick and Confessor Vlud have recently been seconded by Inquisitor Halman Druukan, of the Ordo Hereticus, and shipped off to the Crataegus Fragmentum to bring the Thorn Moons to compliance.

Confessor Vlud
Vlud preaches the path of Blessed Ignorance. He is a stubborn and humourless man whose sermons ask his listeners to confess personal heresies and mutations, and to betray their neighbors as psykers or other deviants.

(Cadian legs, Tau torso, Luminark wizard head, Space Wolf Scout R arm (Plasma Pistol), Cadian tank command L arm (hand cut, turned, reattached), purity seals, litany scrolls, books and pamphlets)

The Sergeant of the squad and, on paper, the ranking officer of the group. But no-one even uses his rank to talk to him. In truth Confessor Vlud makes all the day to day decisions and gives the orders. Bech seems fine with this, as he has long been tired of military life.
(Cadian torso, Empire Militia legs, Baneblade commander gasmask head, Cadian command bionic left arm with power sword, Scout right arm with bolt pistol, Black Templars purity seal and litany scroll with skull from Flagellants. Looted T'au Pulse Carbine)

Far too gung-ho and over enthusiastic for his own good. He is supposed to be the squad's vox-caster operator but he would rather be in a heavy assault unit.
(Cadian torso, Militia legs, Cadian command arms (twin Bolt Pistols), Bretonnian Man-at-Arms head with Possessed face as mask, Cadian and Catachan baggage, greenstuff shoulder pad, purity seals, litany scrolls, skulls).

An ostentatious and loud character who originally came from a regiment with a long history of flamboyant uniforms, the remains of which is now as filthy as the rest of his squad.
(Cadian torso, Militia legs, Bretonnian Man-at-Arms head with Common Goblin face as mask, Cadian command R arm (Plasma Pistol), Empire Pistoleer L arm (archaic Laspistol), Cadian and Catachan baggage, greenstuff shoulder pad, Bretonnian Man-at-Arms snails on base, purity seals, litany scrolls, skulls)

A zealot of the Imperial faith and a devout follower of Confessor Vlud.
(Flagellant torso and legs, Bretonnian Man-at-Arms head with Bretonnian knight’s helmet crest as “hat”, Cadian command R arm (Laspistol), Common Goblin L arm (plus Plasma Pistol), greenstuff shoulder pad, purity seals, litany scrolls, skulls)


  1. Those are great ones ! Love the final pics of the group !

    1. :-)
      Thanks Manu. The photos with "atmospheric accessories" (for want of a better term) were very much inspired by other people's work - especially those featured on Iron Sleet.

  2. I like the repurposing of the possessed head as a mask! That's great.