Thursday, 14 December 2017

Inquisitor Halman Druukan and Retinue

Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Druukan

Druukan has been working in the Necromunda underhive for many years but has only just arrived in Mancunius Dome. Like all of his Ordo, he investigates internal threats to the Imperium: witches, mutants, heretics, psykers, traitors and other deviants among mankind; his main focus is finding and destroying dangerous witches and wyrds.

Throne Agent Moland

Imperial Courier Arrius Lo

Lo is a man thoroughly out of his depth. He got lost in the underhive trying to deliver a message and Druukan and his retinue rescued him from a Scavvy gang's clutches.

Acolyte Norden

Acolyte Lev

Acolyte Berwic

Acolyte Taver

This group has been painted intentionally to fit in with my Mutant Mechanicus warband (that is fast becoming an army!). I intend to add some much "higher level" members to Druukan's retinue soon, in the form of Adeptus Custodes and Sisters of Silence, but they will not be for Inq28 style games!

WIP post here.


  1. What a great variety of kit bashes.

    Like the use of the chaos warrior with Moland.

    1. Thanks Riot!
      I stole the basic idea from one of Alexander's Tor Megiddo guys!

  2. As Riot said, those are some fantastic kitbashes. Great use of the Cypher Model, as well as the Skitarii and Stealer Cult kits.