Thursday, 12 October 2017

The Malfactus Rift Campaign - part 4

Bossnob Woz

Bossnob Woz gets some Boyz to push around! Their names are all from a "Post Apocalyptic Warrior" name generator. They are intentionally not very "orky" as these Boyz are Freebooterz - they have been kicked out of their old klans for their strange ways. (Update 18th October 2017 - the rest of the mob is done.)

Mangul and Finder:

Frenzy and Mudge:

Turbo and Hatchet:

There are three more Boyz (including one with a Big Shoota) on my painting table who will be joining them soon.

Update: The rest of the Boyz mob and a squig are finished.

Retch and Mudgutz

Lockjaw and Digger the attack squig.

The warband so far:

Weirdboy Warphead next!


  1. So glorious! Really enjoying watching this project develop – it's just how I picture orks.

    1. Thanks very much Apologist!
      I've wanted to do some properly grubby and "post apocalyptic-looking" Orks for a while. I'm having fun with them!