Friday, 6 October 2017

The Malfactus Rift Campaign - part 3

Psychic Maelstrom!

We have decided to allow psykers in the campaign, even though some of their abilities are crazy-powerful in such a small scale game (we are looking at around Power Level 15 to 20 for most games). To make sure they don't unbalance things we are going to use the rules for Battlezone: Psychic Maelstrom in all games (but we are ignoring the "Psychic Amplification" part). Everyone has been told that if they bring a psyker they have to bring a Spawn model too, just in case....

I have suggested that we don't need a detailed star map of the sectors we are exploring / fighting over. We can make up planets on the fly using a name generator. I'm looking for another to generate a brief backstory for each world (specifically the planets former use, rather than geography or environment. That will be based on our scenery collections) and we will come up with reasons for fighting there based on what the world is like. Most worlds will be affected by the Rift so we can assume a lot of abandoned ruins will be found... But what used to be here?

The action also won't to be limited to planets: drifting space hulks, orbital stations, moons, asteroids belts...

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