Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The Graveroot Wargrove, Part 1

Anethum, Branchwych of The Graveroot Wargrove, Sylvaneth from The Harrowmark in the Realm of Death.

Most of the Harrowmark is virtually impenetrable forest: Seemingly endless miles of dark, tangled, twisted and unnatural forest. It is a corrupted land: the dead trees are warped by dark-magic, skull-formed rock formations and other symbols and motifs of death are everywhere. Things live in these forests: malignant, spiteful things. It is a brave soul that ventures under the dark bowers, brave or foolish, as few who attempt to navigate the winding pathways ever emerge again. The forests are shaped by the death magic that permeates them and the forest spirits that dwell within are equally affected.


This warband is intended as a small group of NPCs for The Harrowmark: a maximum of 100 Renown for AoS Skirmish. I plan on getting up to three boxes of models and a Hero. This Branchwych, Kurnoth Hunters, Spite-Revenants and Dryads.

This idea owes a huge debt to Vikingpainting

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