Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Sal’s Ford Connection, part 5 (The Finale!)

Skinny-men vs. Mersky Banda vs. The Cult of the Divine Illumination
3 player game: The Motherlode! (a home-brew scenario)
  • Roll a D6 for each gang member. They only take part in the battle on a result of 4+.
  • 12 loot counters on the board, placed 8" or more apart from each other)
    (Each loot counter had a 50% chance of being real, rolled when a ganger is in base contact. The counter was removed after searching and the gang gained 1VP if the loot was real)
  • Turn priority rolled on 2D6 at the start of each turn.

Three gangs (The Skinny-men, Mersky Banda and The Cult of the Divine Illumination) each sent a small scouting party to the Rad-Cliff Zone, hoping to be able to loot the rich pickings that were rumoured to be there.

The three gangs managed to search five separate locations within a matter of minutes but none of them turned up anything valuable.

Only five junior members of the Skinny-men gang were present: Heaton Park, Bowker Vale, Clayton Hall, Edge Lane and Trafford Bar.

Bowker Vale went down before he even managed to power-up his plasmagun!

A vicious exchange of fire between all three gangs ensued!

The Cult of the Divine Illumination were the first to bottle-out after Heaton Park took out a couple of them.

The Skinny-men were once again the victims of the mysterious "Scuttler" attacks in the gloom of the underhive!

After another intense fire-fight the Skinny-men had three men down and bottled-out, leaving Mersky Banda in control of the zone and in the strongest position in Mancunius Dome!


The Tech Gangers of Mersky Banda won the final game and with it, the Shadow War campaign! The truth about the Scuttlers has not be uncovered so we will be returning to Mancunius Dome for another campaign, some time soon...


  1. Argh dangit! and the Scuttlers remain a relative mystery! Cliffhanger much!

    Finally got a moment to sit down and read through - photos and angles have improved much too! Thanks for posting these up, I note it would seem only I read them!

    Great work of late in other projects - Cheers!

    1. Hahahaha - sorry to keep you in suspense Sebastian, but we will be returning to Mancunius Dome for the next chapter.