Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The Sal’s Ford Connection, part 4

Skinny-men vs. Mersky Banda vs. The Cult of the Divine Illumination
3 player game: Grab the Cache


The Skinny-men picked up rumours that Mersky Banda and the Cult of the Divine Illumination had been fighting and escalating war. The two gangs had clashed recently and where squaring up for another round. The Skinny-men quickly moved through the underhive to Sump Crawl, on the border between Cult and Mersky Banda territory. They took up positions in the access gantries outside an abandoned manufactorum. As they set up, their scanners picked a source of emissions that normally indicated an archeotech horde. They started trying to pin down the source...

The Cult appeared and looked like they were scanning the area too!

The appearance of the Cult was closely followed by Mersky Banda's arrival. They immediately spotted the Cultists and started sniping at them from extreme range. Oldham Mumps, the Skinny-men's grenade launcher armed Heavy, opened fire and pinned down the closest group of Mersky Banda gangers, including their leader.

The Cult rushed forward, taking more fire from Mersky Banda and from each other! One of the Cultists shot his mate in the back by accident!

While to two gangs were focused on each other the Skinny-men rushed across the exposed bridge to the manufactorum.

Oldham Mumps continued dropping frag grenades on Mersky Banda.

While most of the Skinny-men prepared to make a rush for the cache.

Shaw Crompton sniped at the Cult.

The final stages of the battle were a blur of activity. The Cult leader charged Abraham Moss and floored him. Another Cultist grabbed some of the loot and ran. Abraham Moss took down a Cultist with a single shot but was injured by return fire. Newton Heath and Edge Lane both grabbed some ancient looking tech while under fire from the Cult and from Mersky Banda but the support fire from the other Skinny-men drove back both enemy gangs and the Skinny-men won the day and gain ed the lions share of the archeotech loot!


The Cult of the Divine Illumination: 1 Promethium cache
Merskey Banda: 1 Promethium cache
The Skinny-men: 3 Promethium cache
Abraham Moss gained Frenzy as a result of his injuries

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