Monday, 24 July 2017

Inquisitor Halman Druukan - WIP

Inquisitor Halman Druukan, Ordo Hereticus. All the years of purging heretics have taken their toll on him...

There is still a lot to do (for example, I need to change the pistol a bit while keeping the "arcane" look of it, and I may try to replace the scroll and holstered pistol with a big book. I may also remove the "repair" in his hood and I will definitely fix the gaps in his cloak) but I'm pleased with the overall look & feel so far.

Inquisitor Druukan will eventually lead a small but VERY tough warband - I have just got hold of some Adeptus Custodes and Sisters of Silence sprues! He will also get some HHH (Humble Human Henchmen!) mainly so he can be used in a range of game sizes.

Edit: I have replaced the scroll and holstered pistol with a big book of sermons:

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