Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The Emperor's Tarot

My friend and regular gaming opponent Godfather Viktor recently went to the "Throne of Skulls: The Emperor’s Tarot" weekend event at Warhammer World. I'm sure he will blog his experience of the event soon (spoiler: he had a great time!) but for now I want to share some images of the tarot cards that all participants were given to keep as part of the event.

The cards themselves feature John Blanche artwork and they are printed in a lovely matt-finish on pleasantly heavy card-stock. The 21 cards have no rules printed on them (just an illustration, a number and a name), but they came with a small "rule book" that described each card's in-game effects. They represent the "major arcana" of the Emperor's Tarot deck.

They are really beautiful, atmospheric, "artifacts" in their own right! They will be featuring in our Mancunius Dome games very soon!


  1. What are the rules, if you don't mind me asking? I'm familiar with regular Tarot but I am playing a Psyker in a Dark Heresy game coming up, and this is the only place I've found cards actually existing!

    1. Sorry it's taken so long to spot this comment!
      I'm not sure to be honest - I didn't read the rules sheet that came with them and there are no rules on the cards themselves. I think most of gave situational bonuses in 40k games, I they are fairly closely tied to 7th edition too, so I'm glad the rules were not printed on them!