Friday, 3 February 2017

The Guardian's Network - part 2 "Forward Push"

Water dripped noisily in the darkness. Newton Heath and his Van Saar gang advanced cautiously through and tangled mess of dead power conduits and broken reinforced concrete. Their suit-lights were set to low so they could still see but hopefully not draw too much attention to themselves.

Static crackled in Heath's ear, a broken voice spoke quietly over his comm-bead: "Cloak." He keyed his mic twice in acknowledgement but did not speak. It was Clayton Hall with the prearranged signal that he had emerged from the underground tunnels somewhere and he had found a suitable place with good cover.

Heath looked behind him to where Bowker Vale stood, double-checking his Plasma Gun. Abraham Moss and Shaw Crompton hovered either side of the red-robed Dalton.

Static again: "Arrow." Two mic clicks acknowledged again. Heaton Park was ready as well: somewhere with a clear path to the target. Everyone was ready. Heath keyed his mic again, this time he spoke: "Trespass."

Park burst out of his hiding place and sprinted into the open. Heath and his group advanced at a walking pace; they fanned-out as the moved, in low-crouched firing stances, weapons shouldered at the ready and sweeping the area.

Park quickly found one of the three items they were looking for, but it was rigged with explosives, so he backed off rather than risk getting killed by it.

Heath and Crompton rushed towards the shrine.

While Vale, Moss and Dalton headed toward another ruined factory structure that looked ripe for looting.

Fanatics from the Cult of the Divine Illumination also made their way to the shrine.

More of them (including their Wyrd and mercenary) headed through the shattered factory.

Magister Scillas pounced on Clayton Hall and cut the unfortunate ganger down.

Bowker Vale took up position in the building at the edge of the factory.

Heaton Park took cover and fired on the Cult's Heavy Stubber, that was in cover and on a higher level.

Heath and Crompton moved into position to assault the shrine.

The Cult's Wyrd hurled pyromantic fires into the building...

And Vale went down!


After the loss of Vale the Skinny-men fell back, in good order, but fully aware they were beaten today.


Viktor scored 2VP (First Blood for killing Clayton Hall, and Objective Secured, for the loot in the shrine) and I scored zero.


  1. Nice report! Using the Genestealer Cultists to make Van Saar gangers was a great idea. Abraham Moss is maybe an homage to Abraham from The Walking Dead?

    1. Thanks Gregory! Yes, Abraham Moss was named Abraham after the reaction he got when I shared the first WIP photos - everyone said he looked like the Walking Dead character. The Moss part came when I decided to name all of the gang after Manchester Metrolink stops. ;)