Friday, 17 February 2017

The Guardian's Network - part 3 "Alone in the dark"

Rumours of another miracle by the Guardian have reached the Inquisitors. They rush to investigate the area as a black-out plunges it in darkness.


Inquisitor Lenk pushed through the crowds in the Shambles market, closely followed by his retinue. Hordes of local underhivers filled the winding narrow streets: traders, miners, guilders, gangers, beggars and thieves. Flickering neon signs above windows with open shutters illuminated the customers around each business in garish colours, while hand-carts pushed by merchants shouting their wares jostled for space in the throng. Lenk was here to investigate reports of another "miracle" performed by an agent of the so-called Guardian. His informant had not been able to go into specifics but the rumours were persistently centred on the Shambles market.

Gunshots roared, echoed off the metal walls. The power for the whole area went off, plunging most streets into darkness and chaos. Panic spread through the crowd as people tried to escape the darkness. The crowds quickly dispersed and the dark streets were left empty. Lenk found himself separated from his party and alone in the gloom.

Tarkloth the Servo-Skull Collector and Fishgutter of the Sumptreaders were far off on Lenk's right but out of sight of the Inquisitor.

Rockwell, the moonface-masked Bounty Hunter quickly found his employer.

Servitor Drone Mordrux floated slowly through an area that had, just minutes before, been filled with locals using empty oil drums as card tables.

The gunfire that caused the panic may have been the work of Quintus Severus' henchmen, some of whom appeared out of the darkness.

Tarkloth and Fishgutter investigated some ancient archeotech, left behind by traders or miners.

Lenk also found some abandoned gear.

Quintus Severus made a dramatic entrance as Servitor Drone Mordrux's plasma weapon blew itself up!

Rockwell the Bounty Hunter was gunned down!

Tarkloth panicked!

Severus's Scribe attacked Fishgutter but Bull Lansen came to his aid, the huge Sumptreaders Gang Leader appeared out of nowhere and body-slammed the weedy scribe to the ground!

Balthasar Tirpitz, Rogue Trader and gunslinger, opened fire on the Sumptreaders.

Severus made for lenk - hoping to face his old colleague one-on-one. But Inquisitor Lenk could see that the day was lost and ordered his retinue to fall back. They slipped away in the stygian underhive blackness.


Godfather Viktor scored 1VP for "First Blood" and 2VP for 2 "Objective Secured".
I scored 2VP for 2 "Objective Secured".

So Viktor won this round 3:2.

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