Monday, 24 October 2016

Hallow'd Ground, part 2: Game 1, The Harvest of the Dead

The village was quiet.

There was no one in the street and no sign of occupancy in any of the houses. Windows were boarded up or dark. Doors were locked fast. A flock of birds shot past overhead, their dark wings breaking the silence for a few moments. The orruks looked around them as they walked. They knew that something had driven the villagers away and it was likely to still be here, lurking in the shadows somewhere. They just needed to find it...

~ ~ ~

Professor Fängmorder, Gruftbrecher the Troggoth, Witch Hunter Düster and half of the Zealots advanced along the street between the Rose & Scythe Inn and Deathwatch Hall. Ausrufer rang his bell twice, paused, rang twice again and then began tolling a doleful series of strikes.

Grimmig the Warrior-Priest-Shaman, Witch Hunter Heftig and the rest of the Zealots passed through the ruin at the back of the Rose & Scythe.

The Church of Sigmar's Retribution were searching the fallow farm when the Nachtjägers spotted them.

Deadwalkers appeared - drawn to the sounds of fighting (and bell-ringing probably).

Düster's band are the first to bring down a walking corpse.

The Witch Hunter Pieter Von Toorn leapt over a wall and attacked a group of three Walkers, slaying one of them.

Both sides withdrew as an unnatural mist crept through the rotting streets of Wortbad, a fell hand was at work here and there was not time for either warband to get distracted!

~ ~ ~

With the Deadwalker count at one each side the game ended in a draw.

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