Friday, 7 October 2016

Acolyte Librarians - WIP

A pair of "civilian" low-level Adeptus Mechanicus characters for the Library of Tchi'thams in Mancunius Dome, assistants to Hagel the Librarian.

There are many rumour about the mysterious and heavily fortified Tchi'thams Library. Some speculate that the tomes held within are dangerous heretical books of daemon summoning and binding, or a near-complete STC: printed on ancient yellowing paper and leather-bound. Others blithely state that they are merely ancient historical records dating from the dawn of the Imperium. Either way the local populace like to talk about it occasionally but rarely make any effort to find the truth.


One of the Acolyte Librarians has had a slight modification as I needed his open hand for another model! (I think it looked a bit weird anyway)

The model that needed his hand is here.

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