Friday, 19 February 2016

The Black Bridge - Duskhaven Campaign, game 1

Duskhaven was a safe port amidst the treacherous misty seas of Ulgu. The sea around Duskhaven is called Okkam's Reach - a notoriously difficult area of ocean to navigate and there have been many shipwrecks along the coasts around the port. In the Age of Myth the Governors of the island exacted high tolls from passing ships and this of course meant that many smugglers were attracted to operate there as there was a potential to make a lot of money by avoiding the tax. When the Age of Chaos came a Verminous fleet, with typical skaven brilliance, tried to conquer it but only managed to destroy and poison it.

In the Age of Sigmar the forces of Chaos have withdrawn from Duskhaven to fight the Stormcast elsewhere. The port is now a den of thieves and murderers amongst the mist wreathed ruins and ales houses of the Duskers. Remnants of a once great city reduced to clusters of survivors foraging in the gloam.


Godfather Viktor and I are starting another mini-campaign.

This one is set in Ulgu, The Realm of Shadow. We played the first "warm up" game today. I will be selecting my force each game from the Ironfang that I have so far re-based for Age of Sigmar. Today's game used a small number of the Chimeras - Orruk Corsairs from Hysh. Viktor used the Grudgebreakers - Duardin, Human and Ogor Pirates.

We used the Throne of Skulls: Clash of Empires (Download the PDF here).

We rolled Break Through on the "Laurels of Victory" table, so both of us could earn 1 Laurel for having 5 models or more in enemy territory at the end of each Battle Round and 1 Laurel if there were no enemy in our own territory. Viktor was the Underdog, as I had a Martial Strength 11 higher than him, so he could get 1 Laurel of Victory for achieving each of the Underdog Deeds.


After arriving in Duskhaven via the Gloomgate, to investigate the rumours of a growing Smugglers' Port there, the Chimeras encountered a Duardin Pirate crew. The Orruk Corsairs outnumbered the Duardin so the pirates decided to focus on the Corsair leaders in the hope of breaking the larger force by "cutting off the head of the serpent".

Gudrun 'Blackbeard' Kargasson led his entire force of Grudgebreakers forward, using his Inspiring Presence while Ishmael the Battle Wizard cast a Mystic Shield over the Pirate Lord. The Chimeras did exactly the same and the gap between the warbands disappeared in seconds.

Kaptain Sinbag called a Waaagh! Huge Ahkman banged off a pistol shot at Gudrun and winged him. Everything in the Chimeras warband except Weird Khaaan the Shaman and Huge Ahkman, his Ogor Bodyguard, charged and crashed into the Duardin battle lines.

Kaptain Sinbag immediately attacked and finished off Captain Gudrun and the Black Orruk Big Boss, known as Big Uluc, hacked down Cargo, the Grudgebreakers' Ogor Maneater.

Ishmael ‘s Chain-Lightning fried a few of the Chimeras and the Slayers took down a huge number of them - the rest fled.

The Grudgebreaker Slayers turned on and wounded Sinbag but he survived their assault, fending off many of their wild blows. Badbad the Troll raised his huge fist and smashed Ishmael, the Battle Wizard to a bloody pulp.

Sinbag, roaring and laughing, took down three more Slayers in triumph and the Chimeras managed to push the Duardin out of the harbour district.


We had only managed to play 2 complete Battle Rounds in just over an hour but as I had earned 2 Laurels and Viktor had only earned 1, I got the Major Victory result.

(Sorry about the awful quality of the photos!)

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