Friday, 19 February 2016

The Shadow Cracked - Duskhaven Campaign, game 2

The Shadow Cracked
The Summoning - a home-brew Battleplan written by Viktor to play out the story he imagined while reading my Djinn summoning story (above).

4 turn limit
Major victory for Witch Hunters if they kill the Djinn Binder before he summons the Djinn.
Minor victory for Witch Hunters if they kill the Djinn Binder or the Djinn.
Major for the Chimeras if they kill the Witch Hunter general and summon the Djinn.
Minor for the Chimeras if the Djinn, the Djinn Binder and the Witch Hunter general are all on the table at the end of the game.

The Djinn Binder and one unit in the center, all other Chimeras models move onto the board from their table edge during turn one movement phase
Witch Hunters deploy within 6" of their table edge
Chimeras get first turn.

Witch Hunters
Pieter van Toorn - Witch Hunter General
Wilhelm Glaübig - Warrior Priest
Ludwig Mannhaft - Witch Hunter
Penitent Brotherhood - flagellants
Mandred and Magnus - Griffhounds

The Chimeras
Kaptain Sinbag - Orruk Warboss.
Weird Khaaan - Orruk Great Shaman.
Big Uluc - Black Orruk Big Boss.
Fat Gedik - Orruk Boss
Razkhadhim - The Djinn Binder (Sorcerer Lord of Chaos)
Irthaluk the Traveller - Djinn (Herald of Tzeench)


As Irthaluk the Djinn flowed smoke-like out of his brass bottle, and the echo of his deep booming voice rolled around the square, the Witch Hunters led by Pieter van Toorn appeared out of the darkness. The dour Templar saw Razkhadhim the Djinn Binder call forth a daemon and reveal himself to be a sorcerer in league with the Dark Powers - he ordered his acolytes to destroy both!

Realising that the Djinn Binder was threatened, Kaptain Sinbag ran to aid him with Weird Khaaan, Big Uluc and all the orruks he could muster in a few moments - 10 Boyz, including Fat Gedik.

The Penitent Brotherhood of Flagellants fell upon the Grots who had gathered around the Djinn Binder to gawp at the summoning. Five were cut down in moments and the sixth fled for his life.

Warrior Priest Wilhelm Glaübig swung his Sigmarite warhammer into the Djinn but the spirit became vaporous for a moment and the hammer passed through his smoky form.

Van Toorn and Glaübig leapt at the Djinn with holy blades and pistols and banished the creature - Irthaluk’s howling frustration could be heard long after his form evaporated into the mists.. The Witch Hunters turned on Razkhadhim.

The Chimeras arrived and swarmed round the Binder, cutting off the rest of van Toorn’s retinue. Kaptain Sinbag was blocked by the vicious Griffhounds - he cut one down and wounded the other but could not get to the Witch Hunters and stop them attacking Razkhadhim.

The Flagellants exacted a heavy toll on the orruks but the Corsairs held them back from the Razkhadhim. Both Witch Hunter and Witch Hunter General attacked the him but the sorcerer survived and focused all his energies - he called forth powers of the otherworld to imbue him with unnatural strength and skill - he wielded his dagger and staff with deadly accuracy and felled Pieter van Toorn.


A Major Victory for The Chimeras!

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