Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Ironfang Pirate Fleet, part 4: Kaptain Sinbag and The Chimeras

Razkhadim the Djinn Binder summons Irthaluk The Traveller, an untrustworthy air Djinn, to serve ‪‎The Chimeras‬.

(I'm using the Warscrolls for a Chaos Sorcerer Lord and a a summoned Herald of Tzeentch.)

The Chimera's leaders watch the binding...

In the dark of the moonless night the Chimeras crowded round Razkhadhim and the large brass bottle as the Djinn Binder carefully removed the wax seal while reciting the ancient words of control. They nodded to each other in silent approval; they always enjoyed a good ritual. As the seal crumbled and fell to the sand the Orc Corsairs shuffled a few steps back.

The Djinn flowed out of the brass bottle like smoke, laughing like thunder. His pale turquoise skin transformed from moment to moment: Now almost transparent, now as solid as stone. From the waist down he faded into billowing sand coloured clouds. He rolled and span as he revelled in his new-found freedom, stretching his arms and shouting. The whirling of the Djinn stirred up the wind and the sand, whipping the long robes of the gathered group.

After a few minutes he seemed to notice Razkhadhim and the cowering Orc Corsairs for the first time. For a tiny fraction of a second his face fell, his expression changed to fear, panic and loathing. But the fleeting moment passed and his mastered his emotions. He slowly folded his arms with a disdainful look of pride and arrogance.

"What is your wish, my master?" he said in a booming voice loaded with scornful contempt.


  1. Herald of tzeentch on Disk of Tzeentch would be even better! It can fly, after all ;)

  2. Very true Viktor - but I think I prefer the spell that a non-disk-riding Herald has!