Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Storm of Flames - Duskhaven Campaign, game 3

Throne of Skulls: Clash of Empires (Despair and Slaughter)

Tendrils of mist swirled around the harbour, clinging to the ruins like the tentacles of some kind of ghostly sea creature. Eddies and currents in the air opened pockets of clearer visibility at random. The Chimeras explored the waterfront cautiously, looking for van Toorn’s Hunters.

The corsairs felt that Pieter van Toorn and his Witch Hunters needed to be taught a lesson about who was boss, right from the start. The Witch Hunters had decided that the Orruk Corsairs were heretics that needed eradicating due their association with the Djinn Binder. So when they next met neither side was going to give the other quarter.

The Corsairs advanced and took up position behind a fence, just in case the Witch Hunters had brought some long-ranged weaponry with them. Razkhadhim lurked in a ruined building and summoned his bound Djinn, Irthaluk the Traveller, who appeared on the far right flank of the Witch Hunters’ line with a building between him and the Warrior Priest Wilhelm Glaübig.

The malignant air spirit raised his hands and Pink Fire scoured the Penitent Brotherhood, followed swiftly by an Arcane Bolt from Khaaan and then further Magical Flames from the Djinn.

Their numbers whittled down, the Flagellants were then subjected to a howling charge by the Chimeras’ crew.

Kaptain Sinbag and Pieter van Toorn squared-up to exchange blows - both parried each other’s strikes for the most part but Sinbag landed one or two hits.

The Witch Hunter’s Ogor Maneater ploughed into the Orruk lines, and smashed a couple of Corsair’s heads in. Sinbag cut down van Toorn.

Big Uluc and Weird Khaaan caught up with the rest of the warband as the last of the Corsair crew fell, Uluc and Sinbag piled into the Maneater and brought him down. and the Shaman met the charge of the last survivor of the Witch Hunter band - a combination of magic and steel took the Priest out of action.


Major Victory to the Chimeras.

The Chimeras had earned 4 Laurels of Victory, while the Witch Hunters earned only 2 Laurels, so even if they had not wiped out the Witch Hunters the Orruks would have won.

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