Monday, 18 January 2016

Bull Lansen, Captain of the Sumptreader (completed)

I have finished my entry for January's Ready your Retinue 2016:

"Bull" Lansen, the Gang Leader of the Sumptreaders, a tramp steamer crew that ply the "waters" of the Sump Sea; Their steamer is currently birthed in dry dock at the Sulphured Quays, in Mancunius Dome. The crew was ashore to get sufficient funds to make much-needed repairs when Inquisitor Lenk recruited them to provide local knowledge of the Underhive of Mancunius Dome.

I have a vague plan to use the future installments of "Ready your Retinue 2016" to make other denizens of Mancunius Dome, not just members of Lenk's retinue.

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