Friday, 22 January 2016

City of Thorns - part 9 - A Wing and a Prayer

Battleplan: The Trap.
The Crowmoons were the Invaders, the Grudgebreakers were the Ambushers.

The Crowmoons deployed in a defensive formation with the Orc Boyz in a ring around the Orc Heroes and Arrer Boyz. (The Ambushers got the first turn but neither side can move in the first turn)

The Lurkerz Crowmoons charged towards Ishmael the Pirate Wizard, and piled-in to fight Slayers as well. The Underhogz Arrer Boyz shot at Quarrellers.

Warboss Dregtoof fought Ishmael the Wizard but shooting and magic wore him down.

Dogear used the Moonstone of the Hidden Ways to travel to a Wildwood that had just appeared behind the Orcs. This was a mistake as Gudrun made a Hazardous Journey through the Realmgate and attacked the Shaman, taking him out of action.

The Orc Boyz killed the Slayers (who had performed the worst they have ever done in the entire campaign!) while Gudrun killed Spitlock (who had fluffed his Slaughter Choppa attacks) and the Arrer Boyz.

But with only Gudrun left to face the Crowmoons’ 4 or 5 Orcs, the Orcs had won another minor victory.

(4-3 campaign points to me!)

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