Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Ironfang Pirate Fleet, part 1: Kaptain Sinbag and The Chimeras

It's been a long time since I added anything to my Orc Pirate army, and it's going to be a massive job so it will take at least a few months, but I've decided to re-base all of my Pirate Orcs for Age Of Sigmar, starting with The Chimeras:

I still need to glue on sand and paint the greenstuffed join between the old base top and the new 32mm round base. I have taken the opportunity to add another highlight to their skin as well, as for some reason (that I can't recall) when I painted them I didn't add the Moot Green step at the end.

This all means the army also needs new fluff for the Mortal Realms...

Kapitan Sinbag and The Chimeras
Orruk corsairs from Hysh, the Realm of Light.

The Isla de los Corsarios in Chamon was home to a culture much like Estallia in the World-That-Was. The island had three major cities and was ruled by three feuding noble houses of the Castilians.

The feuds ended hundreds of years ago when the Arabican Empire invaded from Hysh. A long war was fought between the united noble houses and the Arabicans that ended in an uneasy truce, with the Castilian noble houses controlling two of the island’s cities and the Arabican’s controlling the third.

The pinnacle-city of Ras Kebdaha, in a wide bay on the east coast of the island, was re-built by Arabicans in the style of their own cities in Hysh: domed spires and ornate archways, whitewashed walls and gilt-and-turquoise decoration.

When the forces of Chaos defeated and slayed the population, Arabicans and Castilians alike, the island was left empty and in ruins for centuries. The forces of Destruction eventually followed the Arabicans from Hysh and occupied the island. In the city of Ras Kebdaha, the orruks and ogors took on the habits and customs of the Arabicans in a mockery of their sophisticated civilisation. In Port d’Addia and Port Mahóne they adopted the Castilian style.

Kaptain Sinbag and the Chimeras are typical of the Arabican-styled orruks that set sail from Ras Kebdaha. They wear brightly coloured (if filthy) robes, sashes, fez and turbans.The all carry an array of wickedly curved scimitars and daggers, and most are festooned with baroquely decorated flintlock pistols. They are often accompanied on their adventures through the Mortal Realms by a noisy gaggle of grots, a dim-witted River Troll (in a Fez) and a sun-burned Ogor Maneater. They are occasionally joined by an ancient sorcerer - a Djinn Binder of dubious reputation.


Update 25th Jan 2016:

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