Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Wasteland mat from for Wortbad (etc.)

I received my Wasteland 4'x4' mat yesterday. I'm really pleased with it!

Wortbad has never looked so bleak and dead!

I wanted my first (and maybe only) game mat to fulfil a number of criteria:

  • 4'x4' - as that is all I have room for at home
  • Mousemat material - not too shiney or curly at the egdes and deadens the sound of dice rolling
  • Colour-match my existing scenery & mini bases
  • Work with my WH40K scenery - so some kind of desert / wasteland with no greenery
  • ... and my AoS scenery - so no "technological" elements: more of a graveyard-earth look.

Although the colour isn't quite right (always hard to tell from online photos!) I think it is close enough, and it meets all the other requirements perfectly.

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