Thursday, 8 October 2015

City of Thorns - part 2 - Slow Dog

Dregtoof and the Crowmoons returned to Ghyran by the Cernunnos Gate and set up camp in an abandoned temple, in the ruins of Erghyrin. They explored the surrounding area for a few days but they got lost in the tangled Wyrmwoods. By the time they found their way out Gudrun's Pirate Duardin had caught up with them again!

The Lurkerz hurried ahead of the heroes to be the first into the fight!

Dogear got distracted and wandered off towards the temple, Dregtoof took the Underhogz to look after him but that meant they foolishly left the Lurkerz to fight without their support.

Spitlock got left behind by the Lurkerz and the Duardin Slayers pounce on him - unfortunately Spitlock’s huge double-handed Slaughter-Choppa wasn’t quite as effective as last time they met.

Meanwhile the Lurkerz got duffed-up by the combined might of Gudrun, the Battle Wizard and the Quarrellers. Mudgard narrowly escaped death when Gudrun’s pistol-shot ricocheted off his metal gauntlet.

Dregtoof and Dogear made a forlorn last stand against the Maneater and Pirate Captain in the temple. It didn’t go well for the greenskins...

By the time all the Crowmoons are either dead or driven off the Duardin are whittled down to a handful of injured but jubilant fighters.

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