Friday, 2 October 2015

City of Thorns - part 1

Erghyrin, the Jewel of the Shimmerwood
(Godfather Viktor wrote this lovely bit of background for our games on his board.)

Long ago, in their never ending quest for knowledge and ingredients for their craft, the alchemists of the Guilded Hand traveled across the Realmgates from Chamon. In Ghyran they found something they had long looked for. In the Shimmerwood grew the Mydaesh Root, whose juice was capable of accelerating all kind of natural transmutations.

The Guilded Hand Elderds parleyed with the Sylvaneth lords and in exchange of their promise to create and tender for a garden of unsurpassed beauty they received leave to transmute the rocks of a glade into a city. So Erghyrin, the Jewel of the Shimmerwod was founded. For centuries its hanging gardens awed travelers from all the Realms and the ...root trade flourished.

Then came Chaos and the vile contagions of Nurgle. The delicate Mydaesh Root gardens were the first to perish, the people of Erghyrin followed shortly after, ravaged by foul diseases. Through the Age of Chaos, Skaven, Beastman and human followers of Chaos ravaged the empty city, leaving nothing but overgrown ruins in their wake.

Now, as Sigmar's Storm rages across the Mortal Realms, another, far less noble war is taking place in the Shimmerwood. With the Silvaneth and Chaos servants drawn to the Greenglades by the Stormcast Eternals' offensive, plunderers of all kinds flock to the ruins of Erghyrin, eagerly looking for the fabled riches stashed by the Guilded Hand through centuries of trade.

~ ~ ~

While on their way back to the Summergate after spending a few days exploring the sinister ruins of the long dead City of Thorns in the Flying Gardens of Ghyran, loaded down with loot so they weren’t in a great hurry, the Crowmoons were ambushed by Duradin.
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“Boss, there’s some stunties in that building!” shouted Mudgard “They’ve got a ruddy great gun wiv ‘em!”

As they neared the Realmgate the silence of the morning was shattered by a Duradin cannon. The gun and its crew had been hidden in the ruins until they opened fire.

The first double-shotted volley of cannon fire echoed across the grassland - the cannon balls fell amongst the Boyz ranks and scattered those they did not kill!
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Dregtoof, Spitlock and Dogear tried to get their revenge and advanced under the cover of Dogear’s Gaze of Mork blasts. The orruk heroes weathered the punishing combined fire of crossbows and cannon.

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Black Orc Big Boss Spitlock slaughtered Slayers but they took him down with them in their death-throes. The cannon dropped Dogear and Gudrun, the Duradin Lord, charged out of a Mystical forest and felled Dregtoof, ending the battle.

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