Friday, 23 October 2015

City of Thorns - part 3 - Feed the Trees

Dregtoof was getting thoroughly fed-up with those damned Duardin Pirates. They kept getting in the way and spoiling the day whenever they turned up. He found out when they were next planning on using a Realmgate (known locally as Arduinna’s Gate) and led the Crowmoons to lie in wait for them there.

As soon as the Duardin arrived at the gate the Lurkerz piled in with Warboss Dregtoof leading from the front. Big Boss Spitlock joined they by charging out of the inspiring ruined building while the Underhogz Arrer Boyz took up firing positions inside. Dogear the Shaman provided a Mystic Shield for the Arrer Boyz from behind the rocky hill, upon which Arduinna’s Gate stood.

After a few brief minutes of fighting a handful of Slayers were dead but the Lurkerz were all killed or run-off. The Duardin Quarrellers made a Hazardous Journey through Realmgate to snipe at Dogear from behind.

Gudrun and Captain Pekker dealt with Dregtoof and Spitlock while Cargo the Ogre Maneater clashed with the Underhogz.

The Crowmoons lost again. Only Dogear and 2 Arrer Boyz were left to try to escape, swearing that they'll get the Duardin next time!

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