Friday, 30 October 2015

City of Thorns - part 6 - A Rock and a Hard Place

After their last skirmish ended it a rout the Crowmoons had to stop Gudrun's Pirates breaking through to their camp, where their meager supply of foraged and looted Wyrmroot was stored.

The Duardin were split into three groups while the Crowmoons were concentrated in one group on the left flank - just Dogear and Spitlock held the right flank, and Spitlock was mostly there is keep an eye on Dogear and make sure he didn’t get into too much trouble! They spotted that the Duardin Quarrellers were coming their way so they lay in ambush for them in a narrow gully.

The Lurker Boyz pressed the attack but the Slayers and Warriors tried to slip past them. Dregtoof left the Boyz in Mudgard’s command and went off alone to deal with the humans who were trying to slip down the left - Ishmael the Wizard and Pirate Captain Pecker, hoping to take them out one at a time.

Dregtoof piled into the Wizard with choppas swinging wildly - he landed one or two blows but he was taken down by the Wizard's Chain Lightning magic.

The Pirate Duardin tried to rush the gap left on the right of the Lurker Boyz but the orruks spotted the attempt and closed in on them. Dogear and Spitlock prepared to hold Quarrellers in a narrow pass on the right flank.

The Lurker Boyz got a beating: They had charged into the fight but the Duardin were tough and well armoured, and more importantly, excellent fighters.

Dogear and Spitlock successfully drove-off the Quarrellers with axe and spell.

The Duardin Slayers smashed the Lurker Boyz but they had delayed the Duardin long enough to deny them victory.

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